My finest stay in a dreamy island villa…

I’ve to say “It’s love at first sight” after a long journey from BKK to Koh Samui by car and ferry. My tiredness has gone after my first step to Villa Veasna in Sukkho Samui Estates. The villa has 3-storey and 3-bedrooms with the amazing living area on the 2nd storey. The first room I entered and take my impressions right away is the fantastic living area. I found a spacious living room connected with the full equipment and so stylish kitchen with the infinity pool and ocean view. I took my deep breath and think “I’m so lucky to find this place”

click video link below to see what this place looks like.

The next impression is the master bedroom located on the 3rd storey with fascinating ocean view. What I really love is not only the bedroom with a view but also the bathroom view. The unexpected impression is the rain shower with overhead skylight where I feel I can take a sunbath every time I take a shower😊.

See the video below👇🏽

The picture above is my favourite balcony of the master bedroom and the fabulous view of Coral cliff from the balcony.

It’s more than 15 years since last time I came here to Koh Samui. Sukkho Samui really change my memories about Koh Samui in a better way. Last time I feel it was so crowded at the beach and I rarely closed to the nature. However staying here in Villa Veasna make me feels like I’m living among the nature by soaking into my infinity pool, sipping my fresh fruit juice and enjoy the infinity ocean view ahead.

Just like you see, this place is a paradise, my family don’t want to visit any place especially the kids, they just want to stay in the villa and enjoy all the facilities here. That’s why I name this place “Dreamy island villa”

Let’s wake up with me to this place and I’ll show you around

I wake up to this, then my fresh croissant, pain au chocolat and baguette are waiting for me at the front door in the breakfast bag. (picture below)

We’re very enjoyed making our own breakfast in the amazing kitchen. We have floating breakfast in the pool, swim, sunbath, enjoy the view, having our floating aftertoon tea, sipping wine 🍷and repeat everything with our pleasure. Did I forget to mention about washing our dishes? No I’m not, we don’t have to because there’s a washing machine here and all I’ve to do is let it do its job while I’m sleeping and just wake up with the clean kitchen stuff😉.

Until now I think you may understand why I didn’t go out for sightseeing much. Absolutely yes we were so delighted spend our time in the villa.

However I visited the beach and the famous Hin Ta Hin Yai Rocks in Lamai beach. Click on the picture below for the details.

Koh Samui

Grand pa and grand ma rock

After our short visit to the famous place we’re heading back to our villa to soaking in the last sunset in Koh Samui and sipping wine 🍷

Special Thanks to Mr. Thomas for the warmest welcome us to this paradise ❤️.

For the details of the Villa please click the link