Bangkok escape in tree house by the river.

Just one hour drive from Bangkok, we reached this amazing place.

Discover newly opened Amphawa resort called Damnernpawa located in Amphawa Samut Songkhram, Thailand.

Just like you see in the picture this resort is childhood’s dream come true with Tree house, Hobbit house and Pipe house accommodations among the tree. I really enjoyed the pool in the middle by the river view.

The picture above is the pipe house with a river view.

For this time I choose tree house with river view. I really love the decorations and all the functionality in the rooms as the picture below.

Just like you see there’s a loft where 2 extra persons can stay (a paradise for the kids). In the toilet there’s an automatic toilet seat which I was so delighted.

I just love waking up with this view. Who doesn’t?

The restaurant of the resort is very cozy, nice decorated with a river view. The second picture above is their signature dish called “Fried mackerel with fish sauce” (Pla-too-tod-nam-pla) Mackerel and coconut are very famous ingredients here so you should try both😊.

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor table which I’d tried both. The service is great👍.

The activities here I love is biking, the resort has a bike for free just leave your passport or ID card at the reservation for a bike key.

You will enjoy the amazing view of the garden plot along the way.

At the resort there’s a lighthouse and the big boat for enjoying the river view where is great at the sunset.

There’re many interesting places to visit at Amphawa. The most famous one should be “Amphawa Floating Market” but for me I’ve been there so many times so I skip this place to the others. (For the one who interested in this spot can click for the details on the picture below.

mysealifestyle Amphawa Samut Songkhram thailand

Amphawa floating market

First place I visited called “King Rama II Memorial Park” It serves as a memorial for King Rama II and his patronage of Thai art and culture.

The first Thai building you’ll see “Thai dessert museum” You’ll find all kind of Thai desserts here, for me this place reminds me of my beloved grandma and her delicious Thai dessert.

When you walk far you’ll see three Thai buildings, inside are the museum of Thai cultures and arts in the reign of King Rama II.

As in the picture above, this place is plenty of instagram spot.

Next stop is the famous Maklong railway market or Talat Rom Hub. The place you could enjoy shopping and running from the train at the same time😉.

I’ll tell you my secret about this shot………..

This is too dangerous to do and you don’t get a permission to be on the railway when the train arrives so I use a double exposure for this shot🤞

If you wanna be here in exactly time note the train schedule below

8 journeys daily: Arrive time: 08:30, 11:10, 14:30, 17:40, Depart time: 06:20, 09:00, 11:30, 15:30.

If you’re there before time you can enjoy shopping the fresh food with unique atmosphere in a good price.

Last but not least I found a perfect IG spot around there. This place is Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral. Nice place with a very warm welcome from the student and the host. This cathedral located by the river so you can be chilled with river view as well.

Before getting back home don’t forget to buy some fresh mackerel and coconut for the weekend party and let me know how does it taste 😉

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